Augmenting human intellect to transform talent strategies

The average number of words in a resume is about 600. In a standard key word or qualification search, you’re looking at about 5 to 10 data points that define your parameters. Vettd’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology maps combinations of those 600 words to millions of concepts in fractions of a second. Our platform determines the value of the correlations based on the context of the search in order to make recommendations to the user.

This process allows our AI engine to examine all possible correlations between two documents (resume and job description) or even a group of documents (entire applicant pools). The results enable Vettd to provide insightful solutions that utilize existing data and integrate into existing workflows.

The truth about why A.I. has been failing in HR

A universal truth that plagues current A.I. approaches is that we don’t know what we don’t know. This means that utilizing previous human decisions to select future relevant correlations is fundamentally flawed. Current solutions will only ever produce a mediocre shift in driving a prosperous relationship between A.I. and HR.

Given the mass volumes of talent data that exist internally and externally, it is impossible for one person or even a collection of people to know how all that data relates together. Additionally, the context of those relationships is constantly changing with the birth of new technologies and the active evolution of language. This makes it even more difficult for machines to be accurately trained and prevents them from understanding present day correlations that are unique to individual organizations.

Every person and business is unique, so the only way to solve for this machine training problem is to facilitate a guided, unsupervised deep semantic search where a machine can self-weight intended meaning and identify relationships relative to a unique search in real-time, given the information at hand.