Making AI a lot more human

Vettd’s platform enables you to augment human decision-making and intuition with AI models to grow organizational expertise far beyond human scale.

Augmenting the human decision-making of experts is the only way our society will be able to manage through the rampant digital transformation that’s occurring. To be able to do this right, you need a special set of tools and the knowledge to use them. That’s where Vettd comes in. Vettd is an AI framework that puts new technology capabilities in your hands to help you tackle some of the biggest problems in human capital management.

"Investing in Vettd's groundbreaking AI platform has empowered us to provide market leading search solutions within our sector."

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Paul Chapman

Managing Director

"BoardReady’s mission to drive boardroom diversity has been realized through the work in AI that Vettd is doing."

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Jennifer Zubeck

Strategy & Product Design

How it works


Create a trusted network of deep learning machines.


Apply them to solve critical problems.


Assist or expand applications through human/AI collaboration.

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Intelligent Data Management and Adaptive Classification

Create a network of trusted deep learning machines that work diligently to evaluate and identify relevant information about people at scale.

  • Standardize a way to identify, measure and compare talent at scale
  • Retain and transfer company knowledge
  • Utilize an essential tool for AI in Human Capital Management
  • Evaluate people consistently and fairly
  • Build an organizational level relationship with AI

Learn more about data management and taxonomies.

AI-Enabled Talent Mapping

Proactively understand and intelligently organize workforce talent based on an entire data ecosystem using your network of trusted deep learning machines.

  • Identify and engage more aligned talent with powerful analytics
  • Audit talent resources, compensation etc.
  • Compare external and internal talent pools
  • Automatically organize large volumes of data in a way that’s meaningful to your organization
  • Execute holistic and informed succession planning

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Vettd AI Studio

Interact with a flexible and innovative platform to collaboratively create new solutions that virtually advise individuals or other machines.

  • Virtual personal coaches for employees, candidates, and other machines
  • Advanced tool sets to scale out AI training and information extraction
  • Web-based tools and services that assist people in leveraging new AI services
  • Documentation and support for hosting or client side integration

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Our solutions seamlessly integrate with the world's most popular applicant tracking systems and job boards. We're happy to add yours to the list.

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iCIMS empowers companies to manage their hiring process within the industry’s most robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

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SmartRecruiters is a web-based hiring platform designed with the end user in mind.

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Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software designed to optimize your entire recruiting process.

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As the world's #1 job site, with over 200 million unique visitors every month from over 60 different countries, Indeed has become the catalyst for putting the world to work.

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Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing jobs and recruiting sites. Glassdoor holds a growing database of millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more.

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Custom Enterprise Integrations

In addition to these standard integrations, we've built numerous custom integrations in order to handle data from a variety of internal customer sources.

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