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Learning how to leverage the power of AI is a challenge that every business is currently facing. By embracing a holistic platform, you can build solutions to problems that were impossible to address without AI. We've focused our platform on transforming dormant workforce information into valuable living entities that help to solve a wide variety of problems while opening up a new world of possibilities.

Reducing Unconscious Bias

We have demonstrated that AI can be implemented to limit human bias rather than facilitate it. Here are some of the unique ways our technology accomplishes this.

  • Our AI uses blind processes including name, date of birth, address, sex and other personal information
  • Our AI overcomes differences in the writing styles of various groups.
  • We provide tools that allow experts to consciously examine their bias

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Purpose-built intelligent workflows

Designed intelligent services that fit your needs and solve your problems with your own AI brain power.

  • Leadership and individual contributors creating solutions together
  • Expert Vettd service team to lead, guide and nurture you through the process
  • Invest in intelligent services that adapt to you and not the other way around

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Your expertise, encoded

You know your business best and by sharing that knowledge at scale, you can more effectively drive transformation.

  • Immerse yourself in the AI revolution by creating a lasting service that can be applied to a wide range of business, performance, and engagement issues
  • Learn the fundamentals of applying an AI strategy through active participation
  • Monitor and continue training your Deep Neural Network services as expertise evolves

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Solution services to accelerate your success

We welcome partnering with you to get you started in the transformation process.

  • Talent Acquisition Lifecycle Strategies
  • Talent Mapping and Alignment
  • M&A Talent Evaluation
  • AI strategy and planning

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