Intelligent Features

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Rank your candidates by relevance using your existing job description as the baseline for our patent-pending algorithms. Vettd analyzes every sentence in order to save you time and help you decide who to focus on first.

Save hours of review time

There’s no need to waste precious time reviewing candidates that aren’t relevant to the job you’re hiring for. Focus your attention on the ones that can do the job.

Easy to use

Vettd uses your existing job description to rank candidates. There is no additional setup or training required. Simply benefit from Vettd’s intuitive grading scale.

More confident decisions

When selecting who to review, call, or hire, you know ahead of time that you’ve made the best possible choice. You'll also be able to have more informed decisions with Vettd's Relevancy Report.



Vettd's patent-pending data science techniques can help detect transferable skill sets, relevant core compentices, and hidden talent. We read every resume line-by-line so that you can instantly see how the candidate might best fit in the role.

Deeper analysis

Utilizing data science to identify the most relevant information allows you to dig deeper into what makes candidates stand out from one another. This gives you the ability to discover untapped talent you may have overlooked.

Better conversations

Knowing exactly how to talk to a candidate is critical for both your evaluation process and theirs. With highlights, you can ensure that your conversations are relevant and that you have prepared talking points. Don't be caught off guard ever again.