Every company is becoming a data company

Vettd is led by an expert team of entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers who have invested millions of dollars and years of work into creating proprietary methods, tools, apps, and frameworks that capitalize on the existing talent analytics technology gap. And now we want to share that knowledge with you - the HR innovator.

Rapid Creation

Proprietary advancements in the extraction and capturing of structural and temporal patterns in natural language have sped up model training by 10-20x with accuracy rates well above 90%.

Personal Control

Ethical, transparent, and reproducible AI training practices that limit future privacy concerns and move beyond the “black box” mystery.

Transfer Learning

Scalable and reliable process to reuse, optimize, and adjust pre-trained models with new information provided by knowledge experts. This enables them to clearly communicate what changes are being made and why.

Cutting-edge AI frameworks & techniques

Vettd’s AI models utilize the latest advancements in data science and natural language processing.

  • Learning through deep, recurrent and convolutional neural networks
  • Natural language processing
  • Semantic embedding
  • Transfer learning
  • Data cleaning and wrangling services

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Expert contributors

Vettd has the pleasure of teaming up with some of the smartest minds of our time and they have extensive knowledge in applying AI to the real world in a number of fields.

  • Machine learning
  • Cognitive modeling
  • Decision support
  • Information extraction
  • Pattern recognition
  • High-performance computing

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Embrace an AI ecosystem living on your servers

As a full service platform, Vettd can host your AI services or provide the means for you to implement the framework on your servers.

Your Data, Your Models

Using your AI models, this cloud based solution transforms your noisy data into live, usable data assets that generate valuable insights.

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Your People, Your Opportunity

Controlling your own AI destiny is so important to Vettd’s mission that we want to make sure we’re supporting you and not getting in the way.

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