Integrated ATSI™ for Enterprise

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Data science ranking within your ATS

Upgrade the power of your current applicant tracking system with Vettd’s ATSI™ plugin. Patent-pending intelligent analytics can automatically rank your candidates by relevance using your existing job descriptions. Vettd analyzes every sentence in every resume in order to save you time and maximize efficiencies.

  • Save hours of review time

    There’s no need to waste precious time reviewing candidates that aren’t relevant to the job you’re hiring for. Focus your attention on the ones that can do the job.

  • Easy to use

    Vettd uses your existing job description to rank candidates. There is no additional setup or training required. Simply benefit from Vettd’s intuitive grading scale.

  • Fits into your current workflow

    Vettd is a first level of analysis on your candidate pool. Use it in conjunction with any screening tool.

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