Make hiring simple.

Stick to the basics

Hiring is a tedious process which can become disorganized and unreliable quickly. Too many tools today add to the complexity of hiring and don’t simplify the experience. Vettd is dedicated to empowering every business with a fundamentally sound hiring process.

Facilitate real engagement

Nothing frustrates job seekers more than being rejected by lengthy questionnaires, suspect personality tests or someone other than the hiring manager. We’re here to help internal recruiting teams get the right candidates in front of their hiring managers as fast as possible.

Focus on actual abilities

The most popular candidate screening methods typically rely on criteria that is subjective and may eliminate large numbers of qualified talent. Vettd has built a system to look past those barriers and provide a way to screen candidates based on their abilities, ensuring the best options are in front of you.


We call the Pacific Northwest home.

Current hiring innovations, social networks and alternative approaches are only making hiring more confusing, tedious and exhausting. Our team has experienced all of this as job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers. This motivated group of doers combined with some genius scientists are dedicated to making hiring simple by streamlining the hiring process and providing helpful services for any size company. If you’re looking to help your organization, we’d love to speak with you. Please contact us here to get the conversation going. If you want to join our team, please engage with us here as we’re always looking for professionals in marketing, sales, customer service, engineering, and data science.
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