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Transform your organization through the rapid creation and deployment of AI models to solve critical human capital management data challenges.

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Future AI meets today’s enterprise

Vettd closes the talent analytics technology gap for major enterprises and human capital management through creating specialized deep learning predictive models for talent evaluation and classification.

"Investing in Vettd's groundbreaking AI platform has empowered us to provide market leading search solutions within our sector."

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Paul Chapman

Managing Director

"BoardReady’s mission to drive boardroom diversity has been realized through the work in AI that Vettd is doing."

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Jennifer Zubeck

Strategy & Product Design

Need to get more out of your talent data?

Stop generically segmenting your people by titles, key words, and numeric data. Vettd helps organizations truly understand and intelligently activate workforce data.

Ready to transform your organization?

Discover how Vettd empowers AI and human collaboration throughout the modern enterprise.

Accessible AI for organizational change with Vettd

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Removes technical barriers for companies seeking AI-based solutions for HCM data management.

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Ethical, transparent and reproducible AI training practices to keep the people business human.

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Flexible options for hosted or client-side implementation.

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Supporting eco-system to keep your intelligence connected.

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Intelligent Data Management and Adaptive Classification

Create a network of trusted deep learning machines that work on behalf of an organization to evaluate and identify relevant information about people at scale.

Advance your mission
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Talent Mapping

Proactively Understand and intelligently organize your workforce talent based on your entire data ecosystem.

Discover new possibilities
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AI Studio

Discover a flexible and innovative platform where new solutions can be collaboratively produced to intelligently advise individuals or other machines.

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Empowering human and AI collaboration

Vettd has invested millions of dollars in creating proprietary methods, tools, apps, and frameworks to capitalize on the existing talent analytics technology gap enabling enterprises to confidently invest in the development and usage of their own proprietary AI models that grow with their business.

Cloud Powered and built on Microsoft Azure

Vettd was made for innovators like you. Rapid development and deployment of specialized AI models has never been easier.

Ready-to-go or custom solutions

Log into the platform and get to work immediately. Enable your solutions to be collabortive, learn from your experts and create your own AI models that work on your behalf.

Unlock the secrets to AI

It’s not just about using TensorFlow or Keras, it’s about how you use them. Learning AI through deep, recurrent and convolutional neural networks will change how you think about technology moving forward.

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Learn about ethical AI practices from our Chief Privacy Officer

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