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You can reduce resume review time by up to 90%. You can save an average of $654 per job opening. You can improve your time to hire by up to 26 days.

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“Vettd helped me rank an overwhelming amount of candidates objectively, and led me to interviewing and ultimately hiring a great candidate that I might not otherwise have considered."

David J.
Hiring Manager, Seattle


Collect Talent from Anywhere

With Vettd, you'll automatically collect and build a repository of job applicants from any source you want. Building a strong talent pool ensures you maximize your talent options so you don’t miss out on great hires.

  • Automatically promote to job boards like Indeed & Glassdoor
  • Customized URLs to acquire talent from alternative sources
  • Eliminate managing job applicants in email or spreadsheets

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Rank Talent On-demand

Our patent-pending data analytics streamlines your hiring process by automatically evaluating inbound candidates. Stop wasting time manually sorting through resumes. Let Vettd’s advanced ranking system help manage your workflow.

  • Sort, organize and rank your talent pool automatically
  • Use your own words to decide what matters
  • Work with any job and any number of applicants

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Review Relevant Info First

We cut through the noise to present you the most meaningful information each candidate has to offer. Reviewing resumes has never been easier or more accurate. Regardless of length or content, Vettd will always deliver results.

  • Get instant insights on why the candidates can do the work
  • Identify and discover strong, alternative candidates
  • Remove unintended bias that limits your options

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